Honour for Our Work...

Red Brigade Trust find the Honour by Lucknow baased Organisation AAWAJ, on 15th Nov.2014.

      This was provided for working against Sexual Violence and Survivors.

thanks to All of your kind support and blessing.
Its our TEAM WORK and we proud our team.

Protest Against Acid Attack- In Support of Acid Survivor Deepmala and more

 Protest Against Acid Attack...

We started this campaign for Acid Survivor in our State Uttar Pradesh since 25th Nov.2014.

We protested at G.P.O. Lucknow 29th Nov. 2014 and many people participate in this protest and they were agree with our demand with locsl Government. Girls are afraid  and asking to Government that why he is not implementing the order of Supreme Court of India.

In this series of Protest/ Awareness/ Signature campaign we will cover many school / college /market and peoples. 

We demanded...

  • Stop Acid sold without ID
  • Provide Compensation just after Acid incident to Survivor
  • Provide FREE and BEST treatment to Survivors 

News of Deepmala....

Support Deepmala for her treatment after Acid attack..

 Support Deepmala:

Deepmala is facing economical problem. Actually after acid attack there is too long and expensive treatment and survivor is unable to collect funds for her treatment.
     Her parents also sold some property for deepmala treatment but now not able to exped more bcas now they hv no money.

    Redbrigade is fighting her legal case and supoorting also economically and raising fund $10000 in first phase and will raise after this.

Why Deepmala Need support and we are Campaigning??

:Supreme Court of India passed some order on Acid like....

  • Provide FREE treatment
  • Provide 3 lac INR. as compensation for intial help. In this compensation Government have to provide INR.25000 within 15 days after attack and rest of 2,75,000 have to provide within 2 months.
But No any survivor find this money till today, so REDBRIGADE is campaigning regular and...

We Will Win........

16 Days International Campaign Against Violence with Women

16 Days Campaign  Against Violence:

Redbrigade is the part of International Campaign Against Violence with Women since 25th Nov. to 10th dec. 2014, We are organising this for supporting to Acid Survivor. We are demanding  to Government of our state that pls implement the order given by Hon. Supreme Court of India on Acid.
Government is feeling failed to implement this. We will make many protest and awareness programe and signature program in this period .......

Conference in Berlin- Germany

Confrence in Berlin:
It is a great honor for us that people from Germany organised a conference to support redbrigade work on Oct last week in Berlin. So many thanks to organizer and specially Mrs. Caroline with all.

Our team is waiting support from all of u that we can continue our all work for rape/acid survivors.

We are working our all work by all of yours support. Keep love and support

Support Deepmala- Acid Survivor

Support Deepmala- Deepmala was attacked by Acid on 8th  feb. 2014 in Gonda dist in Uttarpradesh. She is very serious and admit in KGMC- King George Medical College Lucknow. She reqired support. Her monthly exps. is Rs. 8000 ($145) and Medicine 15000($280).
She already suffered 14 operation and need more and more. ........