Hindustan Times print a strory ......

 Dear Friends,
Hindustan Times print a strory ......
Lucknow Red Brigade girls have a worldwide fan following


Times Of India print a story on us.

Self Defence with Rural areas Girls.......

We organized a 9 days self defence workshop with rural girls to learn them self defence.
As all report maximum rape and sexual violence in rural area with rural girls. In the series of self defence , we organized 9 days workshop  on 30th August to 7th september in Bhadohi dist(Carpet Hub) of India. Bhadohi is 275 km from Lucknow.

Over 60 girls participarted and learn self defence.
Redbrigade present many song for creativity and self defence for defence themself.

Now many local Organisation in various district want to learn self defence but we are suffering economical, so our mission is going slow...

Now our some girls Pooja, Neelam, Laxmi, Afreen khan and Preeti is preparing a good instructer them self. And now they are going without  any trainer. And they are very confident.

Brave Girl fighting Against Rape with us.

"DIYA" is just 13 year (SC) Shedule Caste poor girl and she was very claver girl, but,  she raped by 28 year rapist VAKIL near home.

"DIYA" is living near Baksi ka Talab(BKT) in Lucknow, India. on 21 april her father told to bring a bucket of water from hand pump near home.
When she was was returning named VAKIL raped her, she was injurd and told her parents, villager go to police station, but police dont register report. Then villager block the road and call to Redbrigade for help. Redbrigade with 150 girls and women, protest for them and decide to fight leagal advocacy in Court.Now rapist is in jail and no bail granted.
But no any help from Government.

We (Redbrigade)  support  to her in education and self defence. now she is reading in class 3rd and improving herself, and we are learning them self defence technic. she want to be a good instructer of self defence. also she want to leave with us and want to fight her rape case.

Protest Against bad behavior by Police for Girls and Women

 We Protest every 29th ( in the memory of "Damini" delhi case brave girl died on 29th dec.2012) 

and we choose every month an sexual violence issue for protesting.

On 29th september 2013  at G.P.O. under Mahatma Gandhi stachue, we strongly protest against police role in sexual violence cases.
In Kushinagar dist. a minor and SC Shedule Caste  girls was raped on near 23rd sepember, when she went to police station for filing report with her father, Police Incharge told to girl" which your part raped? I will see that."