Self Defence, Gender and Sexual Violence workshop started

10 days Self Defence, Gender and Sexual Violence and legal process
workshop 30th may 2013 to 8th june 2013, started in Lucknow (India) with help of The Dragon Academy of Martial Arts since 30th may 2013.
Mr. Gyan Prakash Tripaathee is ( Head of Academy) providing trainings for self defense.
during day time we are providing Gender and Sexual violence and legal process.
many victim participating  in the workshop.
thanks for your kind support.


Unknown said...

I'm really glad to know that workshop for Women Self Defense has been started in Lucknow. It's a great effort.This surely creates awareness among both rural as well as urban people. And gives courage to attack the strangers who misbehave or indulge in sexual violence. Thanks for sharing this information.

Unknown said...

wish u best of luck for preparation of this skills which helps u to fight

Unknown said...

wish u best of luck

Anonymous said...

To all participants of the Red Brigades - women all over the world applaud you for standing together to protect one another, and all your sisters in Lucknow, and for your use of ridicule rather than violence. We stand with you. With best regards, Georgina, from Australia

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this nice blog.Its really very informative and useful for me.

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