Raise your voice against Sexual Violence - Red Brigade Lucknow

SALUTE TO THE COURAGEOUS SOUL....A girl who was molested/attempted rape by a neighbor while she was sleeping decided not to sit ideal at home and let the culprit go BUT decided to teach a lesson to the culprit by embarrassing him publicly and then sending him behind the bars...the anger and anguish of the girl can be seen clearly in the video...Salute and respect to the braveheart...Raise your voice against sexual violence....


Unknown said...

Please keep doing this great work, you're all awesome for speaking out!!

Anonymous said...

Read the featured story about Red Brigae Lucknow :http://thecommonindian.in/2015/10/meet-the-red-brigade-lucknow-rape-survivors-fighting-violence-against-women/

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from Chile, South America.

You have to use the violence to fight the violence.
Is absolutely necessary. Is a war against men violence.
If the Indian State don´t guarantee the protection to the people, you have to protect yourself.

A big Hug From Chile,
Fight, Fight, Fight.