Protest Against Sexual Violence- # Bring Back Our Girls

In The Memory of Delhi Girl, on 29th may 2014, we protest to support Nigerian girl # Bring Back Our Girls and to ensure security of Girls.

We demand from our Government...
- Provide  Compensation to Acid            survivor  timely
- make a rule of Acid Sales
- Self Defence to every girl
- Awareness of Child sexual related        law 
- To ensure a Academy for  


englishmanrick said...

Hello to all of The Red Brigade. I am a retired Englishman,living in Bulgaria. I read of your actions in The Guardian, recently,to which I wrote a couple of comments. I write now, to suggest that you may consider my idea of having a special day to bring awareness of your fight against sexual harassment. Having read the autobiography of Phoolan Devi,I suggest that 25th of July, the day that she was shot dead, would be a suitable day. She, like all of you, was a victim of sexual abuse and false allegations. You could find no-one better, to be your figure-head. Give it some thought and discussion amongst yourselves. I am in admiration of your efforts, EnglishmanRick.

Esta Polyesta said...

I love what you ladies are doing. It si good to stand up for your rights. And it is a human right to be safe. Your body is your own and nobody has the right to touch it without your consent.

I would like to get in touch with you. Is there a contact person or email?

ComTech said...

Great initiative and great work :-) keep up the good work.

ComTech said...

Great initiative and great work. Keep it up :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Red Brigade,
I am an Indian man, and one day I promise, you to bring in some self defense weapons for the women. Am an Engineer by profession, its time for me to utilize them in protecting women. I come from a family which loves the girl child. And my heart weeps every time I hear the news of violation of a woman.
Kindly mail me at

Anonymous said...

Hello girls,

I am from Spain. My dissertation topic is on gender and caste issues in India. I genuinely admire what you are doing. Stay safe and remember that women's empowerment is possible through education and self-protection. Stay safe, united and keep fighting for your rights.

Anonymous said...

Well done ladies. Keep empowering yourself. It's important to stand up for your rights. Australia was watching a documentary on your organisation tonight. Well done.

Balsmin said...

Power is in your hands