Report of the activities done in 2012 and outlook

About RED BRIGADE..........

Red Brigade  is the group of the 14-18 year teen age girls. Who fight against sexual abuses with school going children. They have a group of street play too, who shows play on different issues. Red brigade  running in Madiyav, Lucknow. Madiyav a remote area of south Lucknow, and it is situated at the border of village area. In this area lots of incident specially sexual abuses is a big problems. Firstly we start work with ASHA taking education. And we start a non formal school as BALMANCH  in Madiyav since 2002, because in this area 90% children  mostly girls were non school going. we suffered for land. After that we take loan from a organization and purchased a short land.
Since 2008 we work freely and make BALMANCH(a group of children). When we suffered some serious attempt to rape and sexual assault, we make RED BRIGADE in 2010.

Now Red Brigade working in the city and state on  Sexual Abuses with School going girls, Gender discrimination, Women Health, Women Right.

We have no any economical support but some local personality support some time for some programme.

RED BRIGADE and BALMANCH worked  in 2010-12 for belows issues ………
  • Child Right
  • Gender and Sexual Abuses with school going girls
  • Right to Education (RTE)
  • Right to Information
  • Community Awareness
  • Right to Food and Women Empowerment.

Red Brigade a group of tean age girls were facing lots of problems taking sexuality and gender. Three girls of our team suffered sexual abuses by their relativs and society. We organized a 3 days workshop 23-25 may 2011 in Lucknow with help of JAGORI and ASHA and HAMSAFAR.

In workshop 50 children participate from Varanasi,Gazipur and lucknow dist. In three days we were success to improve their view taking sexuality and sexual abuses and harassment.

Trainer from JAGORI and HAMSAFAR trained to children. Last days team of participant presented a plays NARI SHAKTI in Rai Umanath bali Auditorium Lucknow.


Summer Camp programme organized by ASHA in Varanasi, UP on 18-25 may 2011. Where 65 children from Varanasi, Gazipur, Chandauli, Kanpur and Lucknow. It was very nice days where children learn lots of activities.

Children learn News paper making that how to explain their views and what issue they have to raise.the children daily prepare news paper and presented.

Also they learn Cap making, Jewellery making and Cartoon making, Puppet making and theatre workshop.

Summer Camp photographs









For peace and Harmony and the issue of Jammu & Kashmir, a programe by Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti New Delhi organized a 3 days programme in DODA Dist. In J&K. in 23-25 june 2011. There was a major and serious issue of A Special Arms Forces Act(ASAFA)

Many social and cultural song present by our team

3rd day of programe 30 people select for Gandhi Darshan Award from all over country. I was one of them. It shows that over work and struggle inspire by Mahatma Gandhi. Also we work with Dr.Sandip Pandey from long time who is inspire by Gandhi ji.


Work done by Red Brigade in 2012

RTE (Right To Education) In our working area Madiyav over 500 children from slums are not studying any Govt. primary school or private schools. we are running a centre where 114 children are studying without any economical support. We are working RTE( right to education act 2009)and make a servey and provide to BSA and DM non school going children list in july 2012.

running centre of  RED BRIGADE and BALMANCH madiyaav Lucknow

Right To Food:

We in Madiyav worked for women Ration Card(54), Elaction Card (252) and AADHAR Card(110). it was a big help for the women.

a play for Righ to Food and a march for RTF in Bhopal M.P.

Health Programe:

Health Camp: red Brigade has orgnised 2 health camp in madiyav area,

with help of Sewa Hospital in feb 2012 and may 2012.

I help 3 women for admit in Govt. hospital in accident. We help to organized a Khasara Camp in area naubasta Madiyav. and TeekaRabies Injection to 3 children in dist hospital without bribe.

Right to Information: In Varanasi Dist. Red Brigade and balmanch a member of Right to Information campaihn U.P. participate 5 days progrme 18-22 oct. 2012

Children Right to information: on 4 th nov. 2012 Red Brigade orgnised a workshop of children RTI. Its main aim was “are children use RTI for their problems? in prog. 145 children and peopple participate, and children told their problems and knew about RTI.

Children Right to Information workshop in Lucknow

SHAJHEE VIRASAT: Red Brigade organized play many time for Peace(EKTA).

a play and song in lucknow on occasion on this DIWALI

Continuous protest against Delhi rape case in Lucknow since 20th dec 2012 .

Praposal and Plan for the year 2013…….

All the plan will be “ We are Proud to be a GIRL”

  • RTE Right to Education Yatra and movement: we will work all the year. RTE and a 7 days march in January 2013. and we will make it’s a movement with RTE CAPMAIGN U.P.our target to improve Govt Primary school and local non school going children to admit in schools.
  • Girls Festival: We are planning a 7 days state level Girls Festivals with help of many orgnisation in Lucknow, in april 2013 after UP. board exam. in festival we will take all girls and women issues and will discussion, play, debate and cultural programe etc.

  • Girls Reporter workshop : we are organizing a state level Children Reporter Workshop, specially girls reporter with media and some NGO in Lucknow in july 2013. some girls want to publish a children magazine and some want to reporting in news paper.

  • Gender workshop: As last year girls benefitted after workshop on GENDER and SEXUAL ABUSES with school children.
  • Women organization: We will make a MAHILA MANCH for struggling their rights, and jagrookta programme.

  • Red Brigade play team: Red brigade will 12 -18 play in 2013, for many issues.
  • Health Camp: We will organized 2 health camp for girls and women.

  • Jewelry making workshop: We will make a plan to make 7 days jewelry making programme for girls and women empowerment.

    Protest: Every 29th we will protest support of Delhi case.( Brave lady died on 29th dec.2012.

Red Brigade have no any economical support. So all this proramme we will do with support from others.

thanks and regards,

usha viswakarma

Red Brigade

Lucknow. UP.


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