Protest Against Gang rape with two sister ......

In Badaayu dist Uttar on 28th may 2014, Two sisters Gang raped and killed. After rape rapist hang the girls on tree. When her parents went to police station to complain, police reject. When parent return, they find their daughters dead body on tree.

Situation is very bad and horrific. Girls are leaving in fear. Government is sleeping and no any fast action. but all five rapist arrested when people come on road.

We strongly oppose it and continuous protest against this   and sexual violence in state. Police are out of control. POCSO- Protection of Child Sexual Offence act 2012 is not implementing in every child cases .

In this fight many girls and man participate and Mr. Riaz Aziz and Delena (begunahi Foundation U.S.A.)   and Melissa Solt and with Michel ( self defence Instructor) participated.

We will fight continued against Sexual violence, pls encourage us....

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Holly said...

Thank-you for your courage, dedication and compassion. The Red Brigade is a very important movement created by and for women and girls. I am a Canadian living in the USA and your work has touched me deeply. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever does" - Margaret Mead. Know that you are in the hearts of men and women everywhere. Although we are far away, we stand with you.

I hope to meet you all in person some day soon.