Gang Rape in Lucknow: our struggle continue.......

Gang rape survivor Mahak(changed name) 16 year by 4 man on 18th jun 2014 near her home when she was going for toilet/sanitation. 

She is in depression and half coma. no medicine and food for her family , She did not take food after brutal gang rape, bcas her family hv no money in her family. her grand mother 72 year is a labour and earn for family livelihood. .

She went to toilets/sanitation near her home, she kidnaped by 3 people and raped by 4, One was that incident place ,But shocking issue that after gang rape she is going to sanitation same place bcas
she hv no toilet/latrine room.
we are trying to make toilet/latrine room for her..... pls support us
and be a part to make her life better.
Only one culprit catched and three are not catched by police.

Now MAHAK is living with us and we are trying her counselling to feel better and we will fight for her.  

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